Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program


This site contains everything you need to succeed as an Acid Rain Water Affiliate. Watch the video below, save your commission link and scroll down for more resources.

Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program

iPhone Settings

We recommend that you shoot your videos in 4k at 30 fps for maximum clarity.

Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program


Make sure the light is shining onto you. This will reduce the chance of grainy or blurry footage.

Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program

Key Selling Points

Show the world how Acid Rain Water Fuels you! Use key phrases like "#FBIGPLASTIC", "Keep It Clean", and "No BS, Just B-12". An extensive guide, B-12 facts, and examples are included in the Affiliate Guide link below.

We are a new brand! Please call us "Acid Rain Water". If brevity is required, please default to Acid Rain. Please avoid saying "AR", "ARW" in your videos.

Remember to tag @drinkacidrainwater on IG and TikTok and @acidrainwaterHQ on X (Twitter).

Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program

Send in Your Media

We LOVE to cross promote. If we have not posted you, it's likely because we have not received media from you. Please submit your photos and videos in the link below. This link will preserve the quality of the media and lets us know that you are ready for your debut on all Acid Rain Water channels!

Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program

Link in Bio

People are on social media to relax and unwind. You need to make shopping your link simple and quick!

The best way to do this is to create a "links page" in your Instagram bio. This is where you can create a button with your commission link. When clicked, your coupon code will be automatically applied at checkout! The next best way is to add your commision link to your individual stories by using the "link" IG sticker.

We recommend (but are not affiliated with) the Milkshake app, our favorite way to build a "links page".

Sample Links

Acid Rain Water Affiliate Program

Thank you

Questions? Please DM Megan on Instagram with questions (@drinkacidrainwater) or text Ana at (949) 204-0522This is a resource portal. To review your sales and update your payment information, please visit your UpPromote account here: